Exclusive: Warning Sign Missing from Muni Boarding Island Where Motorist Died

An example of a warning sign located in front of a K Ingleside light rail vehicle boarding island.

The K Ingleside light rail vehicle boarding island that a motorist fatally struck had been without a yellow warning sign for more than a decade.

The remnant of a warning sign post at the Ashton and Ocean K Ingleside boarding island. Alex Mullaney/Ingleside Light

The outbound boarding island, which stretches along Ocean Avenue from Ashton to Jules avenues, where the motorist died on Dec. 21 had its warning sign sheared off, an examination of the platform revealed. The remainder of the steel pole can still be seen on the boarding island.

The warning sign, which indicates to motorists that a possible hazard lies ahead, is meant to signal that the boarding island splits the roadway. Many boarding islands along the K Ingleside’s route are equipped with the yellow sign that shows two arrows to direct traffic around the boarding island.

“These signs warn of conditions related to pedestrians, bicyclists, schools, playgrounds, school buses, and school passenger loading zones,” according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles manual.

Imagery from Google Street View dating from 2007, as far back as can be accessed, shows no warning sign at this location.

“Transit Engineering will take a comprehensive look at median markings and signage along this area of Ocean Avenue and make adjustments as needed,” San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency spokesperson Erica Kato told The Ingleside Light.

“We will also be doing short-term median signage repairs based on rapid response observations,” Kato added.

Kato did not provide an answer when questioned about why the sign had been missing for so many years.

“I was saddened to learn of another traffic death on Ocean Avenue,” said Neil Ballard, district seven representative on SFMTA’s Citizens Advisory Council. “The boarding islands of Ocean Avenue need to be improved and brought to consistent standards.”

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