The Ingleside Light started a monthly print newspaper in September 2008. For many years, it was called the Ingleside-Excelsior Light to serve the Excelsior and Outer Mission neighborhoods. In 2019, the Ingleside Light was restarted as a purely digital publication focusing on its original territory.

Today, the Ingleside Light is a reader-funded journalism operation that serves the news and information needs of San Francisco’s greater Ingleside neighborhood.

Mission Statement

The Ingleside Light strives to inform its readership with useful and thoughtful journalism.


Alex Mullaney, Executive Editor.

Editorial Independence

Being an advertiser, sponsor or paid subscriber to the Ingleside Light does not in any way empower or entitle that individual or organization to dictate or control what articles or content are produced by the Ingleside Light, or to have oversight, approval or direction of articles or other content.

The Ingleside Light welcomes input, feedback and criticism from all.


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