Alex Mullaney
Alex Mullaney founded The Ingleside Light in 2008 during the peak of San Francisco's great tradition of neighborhood newspapers.
279 posts
Anne Marie Kristoff
Anne Marie Kristoff (she/her) is a recent graduate from San Francisco State University's journalism program. She enjoys writing about the arts, entertainment and nature.
69 posts
Jerold Chinn
San Francisco transportation reporter and occasional City Hall reporter for SFBay.
56 posts
Jonathan Farrell
Since 1993, I've written for local publications in and around the San Francisco Bay Area covering important far-reaching issues with a local angle.
23 posts
12 posts
7 posts
Garrett Leahy
Garrett Leahy is an award-winning freelance journalist and a contributor to The Ingleside Light. His reporting has also been published in 48Hills, Mission Local, El Tecolote and the Guardsman.
5 posts
4 posts
2 posts
2 posts
Anthony Myers
On the path, fellow traveler
1 post
1 post
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