Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why should I support The Ingleside Light?

Reporting on our community is time-consuming, expensive work. The Ingleside Light is determined to bring you needed journalism that's free to all. Read more about The Ingleside Light here.

What do The Ingleside Light's members get?

Our members help us provide quality news for our community. Sometimes they get neat neighborhood-themed gifts.

Are you going to charge to view articles?

We stopped putting articles behind the pay wall in January 2023. With enough support from our members, we intend to make everything free.

Where does money from The Ingleside Light's members go?

Proceeds from our members goes directly to the cost of reporting the news.

Membership Questions

What are my membership options?

Join for $10 a month or $60 yearly. You may also give a one-time contribution if you don't wish for your membership to be renewed monthly or yearly.

When will I be charged for my membership?

Monthly members: Your initial payment when you join is your first month’s payment. Then you’ll be charged on the same calendar day of each subsequent month.

Yearly members: You’ll be charged immediately when you join, then on the same calendar date each year going forward.

What is your cancellation policy?

Monthly members: You can cancel at any time.

Yearly members: Pre-paid memberships are renewed yearly. If you cancel your membership, you’ll stay a member for the rest of the 12 months you joined for, but your account will not automatically renew for another year once the period ends.

One-time contributors: You will only be charged once for the amount you choose to donate with no recurring charge.

What is your refund policy?

Memberships are final sale and non-refundable. You are welcome to cancel anytime.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you do choose to cancel, you may do so in your account dashboard.

Can I gift a membership to a friend or neighbor?

What if I want to give more?

Billing Questions

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other major credit cards. We cannot split payments between credit cards. We do not accept cash, check, Venmo, Cash App or money orders. Please note orders are subject to review.

Will you sell my personal info?

We will not sell your personal information. We collect personal information to process your subscription and deliver your member benefits, such as sending out our newsletter. We may share your personal information with third-party vendors solely for billing and member-benefit management purposes. If we ever change this policy, we’ll notify you and ask your permission before including your personal information.

Can you accept international payment?

Yes! Our yearly membership, monthly membership, and one-time contribution options are available outside of the United States.

If I have more questions, who should I contact?

Comment Moderation Questions

What is The Ingleside Light's Code of Conduct?

The Ingleside Light encourages commenting on news stories. We are dedicated to respectful, engaging and informative conversation. Toward that end, we have basic ground rules for commenting. If you wish to participate, please follow the ground rules below.

Respect Others: Please be polite to all including other commenters, authors and the subjects of articles. Real people read your comments.

Welcoming Space: Our comments should be a welcoming space for all individuals, groups and their ideas. Rudeness, insults, hate, hostility or negativity may be removed and you may lose your ability to comment.

Comment Moderation: Comments may be pre-moderated before posting to the website.

I posted a comment. Why can't I see it on the site?

Please be aware that not all comments may appear immediately on the website. In some cases, posts must wait for moderator approval before being displayed.

Why do my posts never appear in the comments?

If a user repeatedly submitted comments that violated our rules, their comments may be blocked from appearing on the website. This would include inappropriate comments that contain insults, attacks, abuse toward other users or groups; or users who have engaged in trolling or hijacking the comment threads.

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