Ingleside Heights Landlords Ordered To Fix Unsafe Apartments

City Attorney David Chiu announced a victory in court against the owners of a rental property illegally converted into 22 apartments.

Building with vehicle parked in front.
The owners of 333 Randolph St. were ordered to get their building compliant with city codes. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

City Attorney David Chiu successfully sued the owners of a building on Randolph Street in Ingleside Heights accused of praying on immigrants, the elected official’s office announced.

Last year Chiu’s office filed a lawsuit against Naim and Sana Jamali for renting out illegal and unsafe apartments of the commercial building at 333 Randolph St. which they converted into 22-units of housing including in the windowless basement.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos found the Jamalis to be guilty of creating a public nuisance and violating multiple state and municipal laws by allowing commercial and storage units to be used as residential spaces.

“For years, these landlords put profit over the safety of their tenants,” Chiu said in a news release. “That behavior is unacceptable and illegal. We are pleased the court agreed that the defendants need to be held accountable and their code violations must be cured as soon as possible.”

The court also issued an injunction requiring the Jamalis to fix all outstanding code violations and create a plan to legalize the units while also protecting their existing tenants. The injunction will be in place for five years.

The court is expected to issue a judgment for penalties the Jamalis owe to the city in February.

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