Mullaney's Picks: City College Funding , Anti-Corruption Unit

The not-to-be missed headlines about San Francisco and more curated by The Ingleside Light's Editor Alex Mullaney.

Golden Gate Park's Memorial Museum draped in American flags in 1908. Credit: OpenSFHistory / wnp14.4300

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San Francisco Chronicle: Ocean Avenue is one of San Francisco’s unsung streets. Here’s why

East Bay Times: BART: Inspector general faced ‘pattern of obstruction,’ grand jury report finds

San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco just got its first contested public defender's race in 20 years

NBC Bay Area: SF Supes Approve Measure to Expand City's Anti-Corruption Oversight

San Francisco Examiner: City College labor leaders look to San Francisco (not the state) to restore funding

San Francisco Standard: Federal Lawsuit Accusing City of Whistleblower Retaliation Moves Ahead

San Francisco Chronicle: How does SFPD compare to other police departments? These 8 charts show the key trends (“The police department declined to comment for this article.”)

San Francisco Standard: 'Add-Backs': How the Sausage Gets Made in SF's Budget

SFBay: SFMTA eyes October for long-delayed Central Subway debut

San Francisco Standard: Former Teachers, Union Leaders Pull Papers to Challenge City College Incumbents

San Francisco Chronicle: Tax measure to pump $43 million a year to City College of SF will go on November ballot

San Francisco Chronicle: These San Francisco parks aren't so accessible, says grand jury

Westside Observer: Quentin Kopp: Celebrate, but there's more work to do

Westside Observer: Dr. Derek Kerr: Karma or Persecution: Laguna Honda’s Ordeal

Mission Local: Brooke Jenkins, the riskiest choice for Mayor London Breed, is named DA

San Francisco Chronicle: SF school district used $525,000 aimed at facility improvements to pay for legal fight over controversial mural

San Francisco Chronicle: SF's homelessness department has no formal oversight. Voters might get to change that

San Francisco Standard: As the Drug Overdose Crisis Rages, City Fails To Collect Data Needed To Fight It

Calmatters: Will a new oversight position help California's high speed rail plans get on track?

48hills: Mayor drags feet on alternatives to calling cops on homeless people

48hills: Scathing new city report repudiates Lee, Breed policies on Uber, Lyft

San Francisco Standard: Fractured: San Francisco's Chinese Political Leaders Struggle To Unify

Mission Local: Cuff ’em and stuff ’em: Why SF will have trouble filling up its jail, even if it wants to

San Francisco Chronicle: Who's actually voting in San Francisco? These charts show detailed data on 500,000 voters

San Francisco Examiner: S.F. voters may weigh in on ‘behested payments’ again

San Francisco Standard: Why Are So Many Streets in SoMa Named for Women? (Some of our neighborhood streets are included!)

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