Nonprofit Issues Geneva Office Building & Powerhouse Commemorative Pin for Historic Landmark’s 120th Anniversary

Courtesy of the Friends of the Geneva Office Building & Powerhouse

Ahead of the historic Geneva Office Building & Powerhouse’s 120th anniversary in April, the nonprofit dedicated to rehabilitating and activating the former transportation facility commissioned a limited edition enamel pin in commemoration and for fundraising.

The Friends of the Geneva Office Building & Powerhouse hired Ingleside-based artist Neil Ballard, who’s also a member of its board of directors, to design the pin. [Disclosure: This reporter is a member of the Friends’ board.] The pin’s design harks back to 1930s Art Deco style. Only 300 were made.

“This pin is a sturdy and stately tribute to the Geneva Office Building & Powerhouse, perfect for lapels, hatbands, backpacks, face masks and wherever else pins are worn,” Ballard said. “Express your love for the ‘Carbarn’ by wearing this pin around the neighborhood.”

To date, the Friends have moved a good number of pins. They can be had as a gift when a donor makes a tax-deductible contribution to their cause.

In April, the Friends will also be releasing a special history project about the building.

Presently, the Friends are focused on the future of the Office Building, which is the second phase of the building’s renovation. The Powerhouse was completed in 2020.

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