San Francisco To Require Police Implement Foot, Bike Patrols

Supervisor Ahsha Safaí, who represents much of Ingleside, put forward the new requirement that was unanimously passed by lawmakers.

A police officer crossing a residential street.
A San Francisco Police Officer walks across Jules Avenue in Ingleside after a shooting in 2020. | Ingleside Light

Legislation put forward by Supervisor Ahsha Safaí that requires the San Francisco Police Department to bolster its community policing practices was adopted Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors.

“We need to put foot-beat officers back on the streets to stop crime before it happens,” Safaí said in a news release. “Putting officers back on the street will support the culture and practice of policing that reflects the values of protection and community engagement, especially in areas of our city where crime is most visible and rampant. Deployment should be data driven to truly address this citywide issue.”

The ordinance requires that the police department adopt a foot and bike patrol strategy in a bid to address and prevent crime; the Chief of Police work with station captains to develop foot and bike beats within station boundaries; and the Chief of Police present a report biennially to the Police Commission to elicit community input.

“We need a plan that develops a strategy for proactive community engagement, enhances problem solving and focuses on suppressing crime,” said Safaí, who represents much of Ingleside and is running for mayor in next year’s election. “The department should also develop strategies tailored to address the language needs of the communities served by each district station.”

The ordinance was co-sponsored by Supervisors Connie Chan, Aaron Pesking, Joel Engardio, Matt Dorsey, Myrna Melgar and Shamman Walton.

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