SFPD To Launch New Safety Program After San Francisco SAFE Collapses

Taraval Station Police Capt. Brien Hoo is sharing details about the department's new Neighborhood Safety Team.

Police officer on the street posing for a picture.
Drewkai Butler, the Ocean Avenue footbeat officer for Taraval Station, is working on neighborhood safety. | Alex Mullaney/Ingleside Light

Since the 1970s, the San Francisco Police Department worked with — and largely funded — a nonprofit organization called San Francisco SAFE to help the city's communities with commercial and residential safety issues.

Now, months after that same nonprofit imploded in a scandal involving its executive director misappropriating funds, a replacement is coming into view.

"I am now pleased to let you all know that since that relationship ended months ago, the SFPD has been working tirelessly to replace and create our own neighborhood safety department, to provide continued support to our neighborhoods and communities," Taraval Station Capt. Brien Hoo wrote in his April newsletter.

Hoo wrote a new Neighborhood Safety Team is only weeks away. The department is working on flyers, a dedicated email address, a dedicated phone number, dedicated station representatives and more.

"SFPD and Taraval Station were, and are still, here to help our communities come together and improve their commercial and residential safety," Hoo wrote.

The public is invited to learn more about Taraval Station's Neighborhood Safety Team from two members at the station's next regular community meeting.

Longtime Ocean Avenue footbeat Office Drewkai Butler is now a community liaison officer involved with the team.

Taraval Station Community Meeting

Taraval Station is located at 2345 24th Ave. The next community meeting is Thursday, April 18, 2024, at 6 p.m.

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