Brotherhood Way Safety And Circulation Plan Drawings Held Up

The project team is still refining its methodology to ensure proposals are free of "fatal flaws," a spokesperson said.

Intersection with cars and a one-way street.
Brotherhood Way and Arch Street is one intersection under review by an ongoing study. | Courtesy Photo

Conceptual drawings for the San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s Brotherhood Way Safety and Circulation Plan are still in development and will not be presented this spring as originally promised.

"Unfortunately, the project team is still working to refine our traffic modeling methodology," County Transportation Authority spokesperson Daniela Ribela said in an announcement. "The information generated from these traffic analyses is important to ensure concepts are free of fatal flaws and are critical to help the community understand the benefits and drawbacks of various ideas."

The County Transportation Authority kicked off the two-year planning process to identify safety improvements for Brotherhood Way and surrounding streets last year.

Map with arrows showing circulation.
The Brotherhood Way Safety and Circulation Plan project area. | Courtesy image

The plan will include near- and long-term concepts to improve safety, circulation and connectivity. Final recommendations were slated for November 2024 but it's unclear when they will be delivered now as the project team is revising the schedule. However, an update will be provided as soon as possible, Ribela said.

A community advisory committee composed of stakeholders is supposed to guide the project while engaging the wider neighborhood’s residents, according to the transportation authority.

The project emerged as a recommendation from the city's ConnectSF Streets and Freeways Strategy, a long-term planning effort of multiple government agencies to develop an effective, equitable and sustainable transportation system.

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