Updated: Ingleside Terraces Keeps Holiday Caroling, Home Decorating Traditions

The Ingleside Terraces Homes Association is ready to ring in the holidays.

A festive Ingleside Terraces Sundial
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Even though here in California there’s lots of sun, the shorter hours of daytime makes winter colder. Cold and dim might be why traditions like singing during winter holidays have been in existence since the 1200s.

To sing, even if a bit off key, is one of several natural endorphin rushes that doesn’t require too much effort.

Music, lights, food and festivities have always been a way to lift one’s spirits in dreary weather. It also brings people together. Wishing good health and cheer in winter with songs and merriment can be traced to old Nordic times. This is where the word “wassail” comes from. To go “wassailing” was to go from place to place with mulled wine and celebrate. As Christmas eventually replaced the ancient pagan customs, the songs became more about Christmas, and hence “wassailing” became Christmas caroling.

Ingleside Terraces neighbors have been keeping the tradition alive and well. What’s more, neighbors are encouraged to deck out their homes with tinsel and lights.

Neighbor Colleen Carrigan is part of the effort to coordinate the festivities.

“The caroling will take place this year at the sundial on Entrada Court, on Sunday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m.,” Carrigan said. “Rather than have an indoor gathering afterwards, we will stay at the sundial outside for some cookies and drinks.”

Carrigan is confident that the holiday spirit will persevere in caroling especially since the Ingleside Terrace Homes Association makes efforts each year to decorate, by having a holiday lighting contest. The winner will be announced in the Ingleside Terrace Homes Association newsletter The Sundial.

Residents who want to decorate their homes for the holidays are encouraged to do so before Dec. 27.

Caroling ought to encourage more people to decorate and help add a little more cheer to what has been an unprecedented time of pandemic and uncertainty.

Ingleside Terraces Caroling

Date: Sunday, Dec. 19, 2021
Time: 6 to 7:00 p.m.
Location: Entrada Court

For more information about ITHA’s annual home decorating contest, visit the sign up page. For more information about ITHA’s caroling, visit the RSVP page.

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