Neighbors Gather Donations, Holiday Gifts For Residents Of Balboa Park Station Vehicle Triage Center

INGLESIDE, San Francisco — Neighbors are collecting donated decorations, supplies and holiday gifts for the residents of the Vehicle Triage Center on the Balboa Park Station Upper Yard.

“The Golden Bridges School is collecting donations mainly for the children but they have also donated hot plates and socks,” Barbara Fugate, a member of the Cayuga Improvement Association whose organizing donations, said. “Chris Corgas and Mary and Al Harris are doing the holiday pies. We have enough comforters and hot plates. We have over 30 pairs of socks donated and 10 pairs of mittens.”

The Vehicle Triage Center, which serves over two dozen people living in vehicles, will continue to operate at its present location until March 2021. A sizable affordable housing project is slated for the property. It’s unclear if and where it would be replaced.

At the last meeting of the Vehicle Triage Center Working Group, it was reported that there have been 33 clients placed in housing and 34 households on a waiting list to be admitted.

According to Fugate, the following items are still needed for the residents of the shelter:

  • New blankets and sleeping bags of any size
  • Children’s rain boots size 12, 8.5, 6.5 and 5.5 (6.5 size rain boot is for a girl)
  • Children’s raincoats size 1 small and 3 mediums
  • Legos (kids can always use more Legos)
  • Adult raincoats: Sizes large and extra large
  • Gift wrap, paper, tape and ribbons   

District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safai, police officers of Ingleside Station, VTC Working Group leader Steven Currier have also been assisting in the effort to provide donations for the holidays.

Donations should not be wrapped. They can be delivered to the Vehicle Triage Center. It is advised to call (415) 314-2203 in advance. Staff from Urban Alchemy are always standing by. There is a doorbell on the front gate.