Animal Rights

Animal Rights snapshot

This installment of Illustrated Ingleside is a collaboration written by Alexis, a 5th grader at Thomas Edison Charter Academy in San Francisco. This essay was written as part of her individualized education plan, on which the young animal rights activist is making great progress! Continue Reading →

Social Network ‘Nextdoor’ Brings Neighbors Out

Nextdoor Sketch

When Mysti Berry moved to Ocean View from the Sunset two years ago, she wanted to find a way to become more involved in her new neighborhood. During the 10 years she and her husband had lived in the Sunset they did not meet very many neighbors.

At the same time, a friend in Oakland told Berry about Nextdoor, a social network for neighbors. Berry’s friend said that her neighbors had worked together using Nextdoor to solve a break-in problem in a local apartment complex. Continue Reading →

Could Community Choir Singing Be Secret Key to Healthy Aging?


An enthusiastic audience of over 70 community members greeted the April 17 performance of the Community of Voices choir at the Temple United Methodist Church.

The 35 choir members, who rehearsed weekly for six months, are part of a multi-year study designed to evaluate whether singing in a community choir—an accessible and relatively low cost activity—can improve the health of older people. Continue Reading →

For the Love of the Game: Don Campos Keeps the Tradition of Darts Alive


As an old rerun of Three’s Company plays silently on the TV, Dart Central’s owner Don Campos smiles and points to a dart board on the wall of the sitcom bar.

This little cameo is proof to Campos that the game of darts is a lasting piece of the culture.

Campos is an energetic 64-year-old with black hair. Most days he wears at least one dart-themed piece of clothing. Often it’s a tan baseball hat embroidered with a dart flying out of a red circle. Continue Reading →