City Budget Breakdown: District 7 and District 11 Add-Back Funding

Controller Seal

This year’s add-back budget has been put together by the Board of Supervisors’ Budget and Finance Committee. The total allocated amount for projects in District 7, which includes Ingleside Terraces,Westwood Park and Sunnyside, is $810,000. Projects in District 11, the district encompassing the Excelsior, Outer Mission and OMI, have been allocated $2,007,000, almost 150% more than District 7. Every year, the Budget and Finance Committee cuts items from the mayor’s proposed
budget, then “adds back” that money to a budget for specific projects usually conducted by nonprofits in the supervisorial districts. The total amount of reallocated money in this year’s add-back budget is $41,410,620. Continue Reading →

A Victorian Botanical Oasis Amidst the City’s Concrete Expanse


An oasis exists amidst the expanse of San Francisco’s concrete landscape in the Sunnyside district, which, according to local historian Woody LaBounty, is, “actually more foggy than sunny.”

Located between Glen Park and City College, the district’s arterial thoroughfare is Monterey Boulevard. Sunnyside Conservatory is its heart. A botanic jewel, the Sunnyside Conservatory is located on Monterey Boulevard near Joost Street. While the conservatory currently belongs to the Recreation and Park Department, but it had once once been part of an estate away from the city for inventor William A. Merralls. Merralls built the conservatory in 1898. Continue Reading →

School Buys Property Where Urban Farm Currently Exists in Mission Terrace


A new growing season has begun at Little City Gardens, a three-quarters-acre urban farm located in Mission Terrace, but this spring will yield more than fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers as the property’s ownership changes hands. Abigail Coburn purchased the Mission Terrace property in late February, according to the San Francisco Assessor’s office. Coburn is a co-founder of a small Waldorf-style preschool and kindergarten that opened in February 2013 and is currently located
in the Mission district. The preschool is run out of one of the teachers’ apartments, along with a private garden, and the kindergarten rents a space at a nearby church and the school aims to develop programs for first through fifth grades as their current pupils grow up. Eventually they plan build its campus in Mission Terrace on the hourglass-shaped lot at 203 Cotter St. Continue Reading →

Crime Hotspot In Need of Community Spotlight

Brighton Holloway

Sometime after 8:00 p.m. on March 20, I was one of a dozen shoppers and employees
evacuated from Whole Foods on Ocean Avenue by the San Francisco Police Department so officers could search of the premises. A gunman was thought to be holed up somewhere inside. Only a few moments before, shots had been fired near the intersection of Holloway and Brighton avenues. Officers responded, detained two armed men and chased another man who escaped. Though a handgun was recovered, the search had to continue. Continue Reading →