8 Ways You Can Help The Ingleside Light

We want to keep doing this work and to grow so we can tell more stories. Here’s how you can help.


The Ingleside Light’s mission is to break news, build community and serve our readers. And we’ve been at it since 2008 — all thanks to the help from our readers. We want to keep doing this work and tell more stories. Since our reporting is essentially funded by readers, here’s how you can support our newsroom:

Subscribe Or Buy A Gift Subscription

The most powerful way you can help is by subscribing. Your membership dollars will fund our newsroom, allowing us to keep telling the city’s stories — and grow.

You can subscribe on an annual or monthly basis. It’s only $59.99 per year to get rare hyperlocal news — the type of reporting many other neighborhoods no longer get at all.

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Make A Contribution

Already a member? The next best way you can help is through a donation! While it’s not tax deductible, whatever you give goes directly back into our newsroom to fund our reporting.

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Sign Up For Our Newsletter

Our subscribers get exclusive access to twice-weekly newsletters from our neighborhood reporters. They feature stories about your neighborhood, a letter from your area’s reporter and other perks, like roundups of area events.

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Follow The Ingleside Light on Facebook, Instagram and X to get updates on our stories. Sharing our posts helps more people learn about our work.

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Spread The Word

One of the most impactful ways you can contribute to The Ingleside Light’s growth is by spreading the word about us and our mission.

If you encounter an important or fun story, please share it on social media. If you receive our newsletter, consider forwarding it to neighbors, friends and family.

By doing so, you will contribute to increasing the reach of our stories and enable more people to learn about our newsroom's commitment to delivering nonpartisan neighborhood news.

We are always interested in speaking to advertisers and sponsors who want to build their brand through the greater Ingleside’s main news source.

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Get A Group Subscription

A group account can be paid by a single administrator and offered to multiple people in your organization. It’s simple to get started.

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Send In News Tips

Know of a new business in your area? Did you see something that needs to be checked out? Is your neighbor worthy of a profile?

Email your story tip to editor@inglesidelight.com. Although we can’t promise to cover every story tip, we always try.

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