Balboa Park Station Bay Wheels Station Relocated to Ocean Avenue

The Balboa Park Station bikeshare rack has been moved to Ocean Avenue due to construction at the Upper Yard. Alex Mullaney/Ingleside Light

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To make way for construction on the Upper Yard housing development, BART moved Balboa Park Station’s Bay Wheels bike rental station from near Geneva Avenue to its Ocean Avenue plaza.

“BART, SFMTA and BayWheels scoured the area together to relocate the bike share station to an area safely accessible to bike share customers and the operator, as well as close to a BART entrance while out of the way of all the trains and buses and customers getting to/from them,” BART spokesperson Anna Duckworth told the Ingleside Light.

BART has a siting agreement with the operators of Bay Wheels to place the bike rental stations on its property. There is no public noticing.

“Review is done internally among BART stakeholders and includes consultation with multiple departments, including customer access and BART police,” Duckworth said.

Bay Wheels won approval from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency earlier this year to place a station a few blocks west at Ocean and Brighton avenues. The company plans to install the station early next year. 

There is a nearby Bay Wheels bike rental station on Frida Kahlo Way.