BART To Study Modifying Trains After 2 Teenagers Die in Stunts

Two teenagers died while riding on top of BART trains between Balboa Park and Daly City stations.

BART train
BART will examine how it can prevent teens from accessing the top of trains. | Courtesy BART

After grieving mothers of two teenagers who fell to their deaths from BART trains near Balboa Park Station spoke out against a dangerous social media trend in the press, the transit agency said it will study solutions.

Nineteen-year-old Daniel Baran died on Jan. 29 after climbing out of a BART train and falling onto tracks at the 14.3-mile marker near Balboa Park Station. A 15-year-old boy was found dead at the 14.6-mile marker after riding on top of a train.

Both teens are thought to have been doing a stunt that involves climbing onto the roof of a train to film themselves “surfing” to stream or post on social media.

“Operations staff are looking into modifications to make it more difficult to go between the cars and get up there,” BART said in a statement to NBC Bay Area.

BART also said it will engage social media companies about removing videos of people riding on top of vehicles to discourage the behavior.

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