City Hall Identifies 2 Ingleside Sites For Potential Safe Sleeping Villages

The Balboa Reservoir

INGLESIDE, San Francisco — At the request of the Board of Supervisors, San Francisco’s Real Estate Division and Recreation and Parks Department submitted a list of 42 potential sites that could serve as emergency shelter, including two located in Ingleside, during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

City College of San Francisco’s Ocean Campus and the San Francisco Public Utility Commission’s Balboa Reservoir were named last week as potential sites by the Real Estate Division. None of the sites presented by RPD are in the neighborhood.

The Real Estate Division’s analysis for using the college’s large parking lots presumes that distance learning will continue through the rest of the year, and notes that the site has lighting and power but no fence.

For the reservoir, the analysis notes the overlapping jurisdiction between City College, SFPUC and private developers.

The Department of Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Center, district supervisors and community groups will review the list and begin planning next steps.

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