Mar 16, 2022 6 min read

Community Leaders React To Draft Redistricting Map

District Seven and District 11 community leaders have a mixed reaction to the first draft of the proposed supervisorial district map.

Segment of the March 2022 Redistricting Task Force map
The first draft map released by the Redistricting Task Force has drawn ire from every part of the city.
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The first draft of the proposed supervisorial district map is being criticized by community leaders and public officials across the city, and District Seven and District 11 leaders are sounding off just the same.

The draft map released on Thursday was drawn by Q2 Consultants, a company advising the Redistricting Task Force, a group of nine appointees charged with overseeing the once-a-decade redistricting process. The draft map pushes District 11’s border south from Holloway Avenue down to Interstate 280, placing the Ocean View-Merced-Ingleside entirely in District Seven and adding Visitacion Valley to District 11. It also keeps Ocean Avenue inside of District Seven, a choice that has drawn a mixed response from residents.

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