Ingleside Station Police Captain Promoted, Taking on Drug Markets

The former Ingleside Station police captain will oversee two stations and the drug market crackdown.

Ingleside Station will soon have a new police captain at the helm. | Courtesy photo

Ingleside Police Station Capt. Derrick Lew was promoted to commander and will lead the new command center in Civic Center charged with cracking down on open-air drug dealing.

"It will be a challenging job, but [I] hope to do my part in turning the Tenderloin around," Lew wrote in an email to Ingleside station constituents. "I thank each and every one of you for welcoming me to the Ingleside and guiding me as a rookie captain."

Lew, who was promoted to captain in February 2022, will oversee Mission and Tenderloin Stations, which is called "Mid-City" internally, along with the new Drug Market Activity Coordination Center.

The coordination center was formed after an embarrassing city hall meeting was held in United Nations Plaza over street conditions around the Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods.

"Your partnership and support helped me do my job and I have no doubt that you all played a part in my success," Lew wrote.

San Francisco Chief of Police Bill Scott announced several internal promotions and transfers on July 7. Deputy Chief Denise Flaherty was promoted to assistant chief and Commander Peter Walsh was promoted to deputy chief.

Kevin Knoble will continue to serve as the station's acting captain until a permanent captain is appointed.

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