‘Excited to Have Spirits’: Ocean Ale House Secures Neighborhood Liquor License After Years in the Queue

Ocean Ale House secured a Type 87 Neighborhood Liquor License and began serving cocktails April 1.

Miles Escobedo holding two cocktails
Ocean Ale House co-owner Miles Escobedo holds two cocktails. The bar and grill was granted a Type 87 Neighborhood Liquor License. Alex Mullaney/The Ingleside Light
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Third time’s the charm for Ingleside beer bar and grill Ocean Ale House. Gin and tonic is the primary cocktail. And the timing couldn’t be better.

“We plan to focus on local artisan craft goods,” Ocean Ale House co-owner Daniel Silberman said. “Ethical and sensible.”

During the height of the bottom line-crushing pandemic, Ocean Ale House was selected on its third try for a limited neighborhood liquor license known as a Type 87. These liquor licenses are available as part of a pilot program to propagate full-service restaurants in the outer neighborhoods. Five are available for Ocean Avenue.

Gin and tonic is the first and only cocktail that will be served for the time being. On a recent weekend, the French 75 was also available as a special.

“Gin is one of the most phenomenal liquors that can be both local and clean,” Ocean Ale House co-owner and director of beverage Miles Escobedo said. “And tonic either pronounces or hides the gin. Of course, citrus as a garnish embellishes both to a sensual degree.”

The bar and grill will undergo a serious renovation sometime later this year absorbing the next door storefront to increase the size of the dining room,

The customers were pleased with the expanded offering.

“I’m excited to have spirits with my fried chicken sandwich,” neighborhood resident and co-owner of forthcoming pet supply and grooming shop Ocean PAWS Michael Sorreli said.

Ocean Ale House is located at 1314 Ocean Ave. Call (415) 988-7521 for more information.

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