Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown Spotlights Ingleside Landmark In Chronicle Column

Ingleside Presbyterian Church is one of Ingleside's historic landmarks for both its interior and exterior.

INGLESIDE, San Francisco — In the Sunday, June 28, edition of his San Francisco Chronicle column “Willie’s World,” former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown spotlights the historic Ingleside Presbyterian Church and the Ingleside neighborhood in an item called “The other S.F.”

“Ocean Avenue is one of those neighborhoods, filled with hidden gems, that never get attention because they quietly take care of themselves,” Brown wrote. One of the hidden treasures is the Ingleside Presbyterian Church, near the corner of Ocean and Granada avenues.”

Brown goes on to describe but not name The Great Cloud of Witnesses, a series of floor-to-ceiling collage and murals created by Rev. Roland Gordon over the decades.

Brown also doesn’t mention that there is a room inside dedicated to him but does end the item by stating that the artwork is “well worth a visit.”

Ingleside Presbyterian Church is a historic landmark inside and out. Find more information on their website.

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