Frida Kahlo Way Project Construction Begins

A controversial project to add a bikeway beside City College of San Francisco began construction this week.

Bus stop with signs.
The Frida Kahlo Way Quick-Build Project is changing bus stop locations. | Jerold Chinn/Ingleside Light

A controversial project beside City College of San Francisco began construction this week, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

SFMTA and Public Works workers will be in the project area to build new transit boarding islands and other concrete islands and make roadway signage and striping changes. Additionally, the crews will be making improvements to the traffic signals. Crews will be working on the project through early August, according to an announcement.

As reported by The Ingleside Light, the SFMTA Board of Directors approved the quick-build project earlier this month, which includes a new two-way protected bike lane on the east side of Frida Kahlo Way that will extend to the south side of Judson Avenue for two blocks to Foerster Street.

The project will also include two new transit boarding islands that will serve passengers on the 43 Masonic and remove the mid-block 43 Masonic transit stops at the bottom of the staircase of City College due to low ridership, the SFMTA said.

Starting next week, temporary parking restrictions signage will go up on the street and bus stop relocations will be in effect. The SFMTA has already posted signage at the mid-block transit stops to inform passengers of its removal beginning May 27.

The college’s Board of Trustees voted in February not to support the project until concerns were met from the City College community. Some of the concerns from college officials and some faculty and students included the removal of 29 parking spaces for the new bike lane.

As part of the project's approval, the board directed staff to return a year after the project’s completion with an evaluation of the project and next steps, which could include removing or making changes to the project. 

The SFMTA said it will evaluate the project using the agency’s Safe Streets Evaluation Program which will include several metrics that staff will be collecting on, including but not limited to changes in vehicle, bike and pedestrian volumes as well as transit ridership.

Additionally, staff will be surveying interactions between all modes of transportation on the street, parking occupancy around the City College campus and surrounding neighborhood and vehicle speeds. 

The public can send an email to if they have questions or comments about the construction or evaluation report.

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