Graffiti-Prone Utility Box Transformed With Mural Depicting Native Plants

Neil Ballard paints a mural on a utility box located on Capitol Avenue at Ocean. Courtesy photo

INGLESIDE, San Francisco — A graffiti-prone, nondescript utility box on the corner of Capitol and Ocean avenues has been transformed with a colorful, flower-filled mural.

Local artist and Ingleside Light contributor Neil Ballard painted the mural, “Native Plants of California,” this week. It features five flowers and one grass, some of which can be found in the planted area around the utility box and elsewhere along Ocean Avenue.

Ocean Avenue Association commissioned the mural as part of its mission to landscape and beautify Ocean Avenue. OAA is responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalk planted areas on and adjacent to Ocean Avenue.

Ballard is known in the neighborhood for his whimsical, cartoonish Ingleside-themed art, such as posters, lockdown coloring sheets and a hard cider label for a beverage known as Inglecider.

“What a year it’s been,” Ballard added. “I guess the message of this mural is that when we’re forced to put our lives on hold because of a global plague, we might as well stop and smell the flowers.”

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