Holloway Avenue To Be Closed To Vehicle Traffic During Shelter-In-Place Order

INGLESIDE, San Francisco — As part of its continuing response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has closed several streets across the city to automobile traffic, including Ingleside’ stretch of Holloway Avenue.

By closing these streets, the SFMTA intends to afford more space to pedestrians, cyclists and those on scooters or other mobility devices so that “social distance” guidelines can be more easily adhered to.

In temporarily establishing these so-called “Slow Streets,” SFMTA is following the example of the Oakland Department of Transportation, which closed streets to automobile traffic in Oakland earlier this month.

Holloway Avenue has been designated a bicycle-friendly alternative to Ocean Avenue by SFMTA.

“I applaud the agency’s decision to close these streets,” said Neil Ballard, District 7’s representative on the SFMTA Citizens’ Advisory Council. “Knowing that the essential workers and exercisers of the Ingleside can use Holloway to connect to the transit that is still running with a bit more ease and safety is a relief.”

While vehicular access to all Slow Streets will not be permitted, local vehicle access will still be allowed, and there will be no change to parking or driveway access for those who live on or near Holloway Avenue.

According to the SFMTA blog post about the street closures, the goal “is to take advantage of low vehicle numbers on certain travel corridors and allow people to maximize our resources while maintaining social distancing.”

For more information, visit the SFMTA website.

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