Trees And Landscaping Added Along Ingleside’s Ocean Avenue

The Ocean Avenue Association and Climate Action Now California teamed up to beautify the neighborhood with support from the Civic Joy Fund.

Landscaping at an intersection
Three nonprofit organizations worked together to add landscaping along Ocean Avenue in March, including a long-forgotten lawn at Miramar and Ocean avenues. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Ingleside’s Ocean Avenue just got some new trees and plants.

The Ocean Avenue Association, a nonprofit tasked with cleaning and beautifying Ingleside’s stretch of Ocean Avenue, partnered with Climate Action Now California, a nonprofit that works to increase green infrastructure investments and programs throughout San Francisco, to plant greenery on Ocean Avenue between Miramar and Lee avenues earlier this month. Despite the bad weather, they had two volunteers participate and were able to plant five trees and landscape three areas.

“The event went great,” OAA’s Deputy Director Gabe Cory said. “It was a pleasure working with Climate Action Now to beautify three different areas along Ocean Avenue with trees and sidewalk gardens.”

The three landscaped areas were fitted with Catalina Ironwood trees and sidewalk gardens with flowers like coffee berry, manzanita, sage, California rye, silk tassel, South African lilies and more. The founding director of Climate Action Now, Markos Major, said they sourced the greenery from wholesale nurseries such as Pacific Nursery and Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery.

Funding for this project also came from the Civic Joy Fund, a nonprofit spending $2 million to put some magic back into San Francisco’s commercial corridors following the slow recovery from the pandemic, Cory said.

Three trees and one sidewalk garden were placed on the block in front of The Fate Teahouse between Brighton and Lee avenues. One tree and a 20-25’ sidewalk garden were planted near the San Francisco Public Library’s Ingleside Branch. One tree and sidewalk garden were planted on Miramar Avenue toward the Westwood Park entrance.

“We hope this to be the beginning of a partnership with Ocean Avenue,” Major said. “There’s so much work to be done in our city. Increasing permeability, removing pavement and planting gardens is one of the greatest ways to support a healthy climate.”

This project is among the first of many, Cory said, with the next round of planting planned for the summer. Climate Action Now has also worked with nearby neighborhood organizations such as the Friends of Lakeside Village on similar volunteer opportunities. Major also said they are in talks with Java On Ocean to partner for their next neighborhood project.

“Something as small as planting a few trees and sidewalk gardens can make a big difference on the look and feel of a street,” Cory said. “We hope the community enjoys these new additions and they add more beauty to Ocean Avenue.”

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