Ingleside Police Station Collecting Towels For Shelter Animals

The San Francisco Police Department's Ingleside Station is collecting donations of towels and blankets for the city's shelter animals.

Doorway that reads Ingleside
Ingleside Station is collecting towels for shelter animals. | Courtesy photo

The police officers of Ingleside Station are hosting a towel collection for the animals at San Francisco Animal Care & Control, the city's only open-door shelter that accepts all animals.

"The members of Ingleside Station started a collection, and we already delivered our first box full of towels for use by the animals at the shelter!" according to an announcement. "We’re continuing to collect items, and now putting out the call for help from members of the community!"

Donations are always in high demand, Animal Care & Control spokesperson Deb Campbell said. While the shelter appreciates any and all items given, they are unable to accept all sheets, pillows or comforters. They require towels, blankets and little rugs that are sturdy and can go through industrial washers several times.

“All of those animals at some point need a towel to carry them, to wrap them in, to sleep on,” Campbell said. “We go through towels like water. We constantly use towels and we wash them constantly but they wear out pretty fast.”

Photo collage
Top left: Donated towels collected at Ingleside Station. Top right: Ingleside Station police officers with the towel donation box. Bottom: A shelter dog. | Courtesy SFPD

Towels of any size, blankets and non-fitted bed sheets that are clean and new or gently used may be dropped off at the San Francisco Police Department's Ingleside Station, located in Balboa Park at 1 Sgt. John V. Young Lane.

This article was updated with comment from Animal Care & Control.

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