Ingleside Police Station Issues Super Bowl Traffic Advisory

Police have set in place an I-280 traffic diversion plan if the 49ers win the Super Bowl and fans flood Mission Street to celebrate.

Ingleside letters over doorway
Ingleside Police Station is prepping for a 49ers Super Bowl win. | Courtesy SFPD

Ingleside Police Station issued a traffic advisory Thursday in anticipation of a San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl victory causing traffic delays should fans take their celebration to the streets.

The station's leadership "has set in place a traffic diversion plan in case Mission Street gets congested with traffic, or unlawful activities start to take place," Officer Shawn Phillips said in an announcement.

The affected area on Sunday, Feb. 11, would be Mission Street from Cesar Chavez Street to Geneva Avenue.

"In the event that traffic flow into the Ingleside District via freeway off-ramps becomes too excessive, California Highway Patrol may close the off-ramps on Interstate 280 in both directions at the Geneva and Ocean avenue exits, as well as Northbound I-280 at San Jose Avenue, in order to decrease vehicular traffic into the Ingleside district," Phillips said.

Celebrations may include impromptu street demonstrations, "cruising" of vehicles and an increase patronage at bars, restaurants and other venues showing the game.

"Given the history of celebrations after local teams (49ers, Giants, Warriors) win or advance to a championship game, Ingleside Station anticipates large celebrations along the Mission Street Corridor (Cesar Chavez Street to Sickles Avenue)," Phillips said.

Although vehicle and pedestrian traffic along the Mission Street is expected to increase, there are no planned Muni reroutes or street closures, Phillips said.

The public is asked to avoid the locations, plan ahead and use alternate routes.

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