Ingleside Together: Homeowner Associations Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic

Ingleside's homeowner associations are organizing mutual aid programs for residents.

Ingleside Together: Homeowner Associations Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic
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Welcome to Ingleside Together, The Ingleside Light’s way to keep our community united during the shelter-in-place public health order in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We will highlight what to know and things to do while we endure this emergency together.

As the shelter-in-place public health order enters its third week, Ingleside homeowner associations are stepping up their organizing efforts to disseminate information and offer help to those in need.

Ingleside Terraces Homes Association, Balboa Terrace Homes Association and Sunnyside Neighborhood Association have displayed up-to-date official information about virus prevention measures and the shelter-in-place order on their websites.

ITHA has launched Fortify Ingleside Terraces, a volunteer effort to distribute official information and check in on the needs of vulnerable neighbors. The association has also started a campaign called “Unity Light in the Night” where residents display lamps — not candles — in their windows during evening hours in a sign of camaraderie.

Ingleside Terraces residents who are able to volunteer are encouraged to sign up on the ITHA website.

Balboa Terraces Homes Association aims to set up a block-by-block communication network to check on the well-being of residents, and is seeking “block captains” for select blocks within Balboa Terraces.

The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is posting resource information and updates on its website.

If your homeowner association or neighborhood group is also working to organize during the COVID-19 crisis, let us know and we will update this article.

The associations for Westwood Park, OMI Neighbors in Action and Mount Davidson Manor did not respond to requests for comment.

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