Aug 6, 2021 3 min read

Longstanding Ingleside Mural Refreshed for Decades To Come

The OMI mural was refreshed last year. Alex Mullaney/Ingleside Light

The huge mural depicting Ocean View-Merced Heights-Ingleside leaders and landmarks was touched up for its twentieth anniversary.

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Restoration of the oldest mural on Ingleside’s stretch of Ocean Avenue was quietly completed in February 2020 but the pandemic prevented any recognition of its completion.

Yano Rivera at work. Alex Mullaney/Ingleside Light

Between November and February, Yano Rivera of Precita Eyes, touched up the Ocean View-Merced Heights-Ingleside leaders and landmarks depicted on the side of the PG&E facility on Ocean Avenue near Junipero Serra Boulevard.

The 22-year-old mural was refreshed for the next 20 years by the OMI Community Action Organization, which won a grant through Supervisor Norman Yee’s District 7 Participatory Budgeting program.

According to Precita Eyes, the mural is called The title of the mural is “The Lights of the OMI and its Contributors.”

Edna James, executive director of the OMICAO who also appears in the artwork, applied for the grant to refresh the mural.

A large community reception was in the works but the pandemic put it on hold, James told the Ingleside Light.

The mural was commissioned by the now defunct OMI Business League President Royce Vaughn in 1999 and executed by creative director Robert Fleege and painter Michael Manente, according to the organization’s treasurer Al Lewis.

Below is a guide to the mural’s contents.

Top Row, left to right

Edna James, OMI-CAO; Donneter and John Lane, Housing & Community Development; Staci Huey, Miracle Cleaners; Philip R. Day, Jr., City College of San Francisco Chancellor; Willie L. Brown, Jr., San Francisco Mayor Emeritus; Jerry Werthimer, San Francisco State University; Louis Batmale, Community College District founder; Phil Burton, former congressman; John Burton, former senator; Robert Burton; Lonnie and Lurine Lawson, Ingleside Terraces Homes Association

Middle Row

Willis Kirk, retired City College of San Francisco president; Will Reno, Snig; Royce Vaughn, OMI Business League president; B.J. Waters, Waters Plumbing Co.; Anita Grier, City College of San Francisco Trustee; Rev. Roland Gordon, Ingleside Presbyterian Church; Robert Landis, Aptos Middle School; Ronnie Naiker, Golden Years Medical; Mario Magallon, CCSF Associated Student; Geraldine Earp, OMI CA; Bettye Simon, Ingleside Lions Club; Kathy Wong, Commodore Sloat Elementary Principal; Henry and Gary Christopherson, Christopherson Realty

Lower Left

Assistant Police Chief Earl Sanders; Fire Chief Charles Demmons, Rev. Richard and Marilyn Gazowski, Voice of Pentecost; Lorainne Ungaretti; Supervisor Amos Brown; Burl Toler, CCSF and NFL

Lower Right

Mercy High School Kaleidoscope Club dancer


City College of San Francisco Science Hall, St. Emydius Catholic Church, Westwood Park, El Rey theater, Ingleside Library, Ingleside Terraces sundial, Ocean Avenue palm tree, Ingleside racetrack, whitefront K-Line streetcar

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