Mack’s Dry Cleaners Brings 40 Years Of Experience To Ingleside

The business moved from Nob Hill to the Ingleside after being shut down by the pandemic.

Business owner
Mack's Dry Cleaners owner Francis Choy. Alex Mullaney/Ingleside Light
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After being shut down by the pandemic, Mack’s Dry Cleaners owner Francis Choy wants the city to know she is open for business — and now located in Ingleside.

“The pandemic shut us down, but I want people to know Mack’s is back and we are open,” Choy told The Ingleside Light. “We reopened in April and we are here!”

Mack’s was on Post Street in Nob Hill for decades. Choy started working there as a teenager and position turned into a business opportunity.

“I’ve been in the dry cleaning business since I was 17,” Choy said. “I was working at Mack’s when I was attending City College of San Francisco. The owner wanted to retire, and so I was trained and learned the business to take it over."

The work wasn’t easy and maintaining consistency required dedication. This is one of the reasons why she kept the name “Mack’s.”

“Customers have known us as Mack’s for so many years, why pick a new name?” Choy said.

Consistency and quality is essential in the dry cleaning business. Choy has upheld that. But even with difficulties, such as having to upgrade equipment, Choy has not looked back.

Even basic little things like getting a new sign made has been an obstacle. Undeterred, Choy just put up the old sign at Mack’s new location.


Over a decade ago when San Francisco implemented legislation to follow a new state law to eliminate the use of chemicals in dry cleaning, Choy spent $60,000 to comply.

It wasn’t easy but she did it and she’s proud to tell her customers.

“Mack’s is 100% green!” Choy said. “We use only organic green solvents; no toxic chemicals.”

Despite the competition of almost 400 dry cleaning and laundry businesses in San Francisco, Choy has stayed in business.

Even with stain resistant and permanent press fabrics, there’s something about a professionally laundered and pressed garment.

“Wine stains on silk and wool are the hardest,” Choy said. “It takes work, but we can do it. We do wedding gowns, tuxedos, suits and dresses.”

Mack’s can handle large orders such as tablecloths and napkins from restaurants and caterers along with uniforms, sheets and linens.

In early May, a vandal smashed one of the storefront’s large plate glass windows. Choy is working to find someone who can help create a new sign.

“We like the neighborhood and this location,” Choy said. “I want people to know we are here and back in business.”

Mack’s Dry Cleaners

Address: 1025 Ocean Ave.
Phone: (415) 932-6678

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