Q&A: Matthew Boschetto on Running for District 7 Supervisor

If elected, the businessman would focus on financial accountability and safety.

District 7 Supervisor candidate Matthew Boschetto. | Annie Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

A businessman is the latest entrant in the race to represent District 7 on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Matilda’s Bloombox co-owner Matthew Boschetto said he knows first-hand the toll it takes to operate a business and live in San Francisco. The husband and father to three wants to focus on supporting fellow small businesses and those just trying to live here if elected to office.

“I’m very blessed to be in fourth generation in our home and that helps but I’m also keenly aware of that privilege,” Boschetto said. “The cost of doing business in the city is so substantial that it's hard to stay open. The price to live in the city — it's so hard. I want to see more for it.”

He joins current Supervisor Myrna Melgar and San Francisco Firefighter Stephen Martin-Pinto in a field that's likely to grow by November 2024.

Boschetto said he plans to campaign for financial accountability within City Hall, homelessness and safety concerns.

“I’m doing this because I feel like the city needs good agents, authentic agents trying to do what’s best for them,” Boschetto said.

The Ingleside Light caught up with Boschetto to learn more about his campaign.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What inspired you to run for District 7 supervisor? 

People in the neighborhood, who I've known for a long time, were the ones who asked me to do it. Ultimately, with how much I'm invested in raising my family here and how much I love this place, I just felt that if I have support from the get-go, I'm sort of obligated to help the city at this time.

What do you mean by “at this time”? 

We're in a recovery period. I think there are just structural issues that are creating a certain situation in the city. Around public safety, there's a lot of people suffering. The suffering in the city is just so huge; I haven't seen so much in my whole life. Helping people and finding a solution for the people suffering is one thing. The second thing is making the city safe and livable for families and individuals. I just think that we have a social contract where we're supposed to feel safe where we live and, unfortunately, that's been changed a bit.

What is one thing you see in District 7 that's not being addressed?

There’s multiple things for me. The one thing that sticks out is safety around Stonestown, which has gotten somewhat better to the leadership's credit. When you look at the people parked at Lake Merced, you have to ask who's suffering but also you have to see who's not. People have to follow the rules because, again, it's the social contract. It's pretty alarming how many people are living in RVs just right on the street. Finding a place for them to go, understanding more about who's there and then finding a solution for them, is one thing.

What would you do differently?

The linchpin would be financial transparency and accountability. With people who are on the outside, we're wondering so much about why so much money is being spent and the service levels going down. You look at things like our budgets doubled in the last time period but our level of services have gone down a lot.

I'm not a professional politician. I'm not going to be led by political ideology. I'm not going to be led by a professional track from San Francisco to Sacramento to Washington, D.C. My quote unquote emperor seat is District 7 supervisor. I want to see more of that, so I'm bringing in the interests of private citizens, people who live here, who are going to die here and who are going to raise families here. I'm going to think about all my policies from that standpoint.

How do you plan to be involved in District 7? 

I’m available to meet anybody who wants to meet me and talk to me. I will meet you for coffee. I will have a call with you. I'm not hiding. From a campaign standpoint, I’m going to be in the streets. I want to be in front of people. I want to be as available and accessible as I can be. I want to hear what people care about and learn more about the parts of District 7 that I don’t live in. I just really want to get out there as much as I can and meet people as much as I can so I can really be a voice and fighter for District 7 in City Hall.

Why should people vote for you?

I’m going to be a true voice for them. I’m going to really think about what we want and I’m going to go down there and fight for District 7. I want to be a voice for the people in this neighborhood.

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