McDonald's At Stonestown Galleria Abruptly Closes

Ingleside's McDonald's, the first to open in the city, is poised to see more customers.

The McDonald's restaurant in Stonestown Galleria closed after more than 30 years. | Courtesy Photo

In a note posted to a window, a longtime fast-food restaurant at Stonestown Galleria notified customers that its days of slinging food and beverages were over.

The McDonald's located between a Bank of America and a Chase Bank in Stonestown Galleria — and not far from a Shake Shack — closed today.

A note signed by McDonald's franchisee owner Scott Rodrick said the restaurant would close permanently on June 23 and staff have been offered jobs at other locations.

"It has been a pleasure for my entire team and I to serve the 19th Avenue and Ingleside neighborhoods for more than 30 years," Rodrick wrote. "We are thankful to have been a part of your daily meal routine, either for an Egg McMuffin in the morning or a Happy Meal with the kids after an afternoon of shopping at Stonestown."

Rodrick told a broadcast reporter that he closed the location because Stonestown Galleria was unwilling to negotiate on rent and the property taxes and mall fees were high. He also said the cost of doing business in California, with its minimum wage for fast-food workers, was difficult.

Business registration shows one "McDonald's of Stonestown" linked to 255 Winston Dr. in 1987.

McDonald's opened its first location on Ocean Avenue in the 1970s. The corporation filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against workers and culinary unions over "coercion, harassment and other unfair things," according to an Oct. 3, 1974, news report in the San Francisco Examiner. The complaint said unions worked to block the non-union company from opening locations.

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