Mullaney's Picks: Shooting Aftermath, Ville D'Este Closure

The not-to-be missed headlines about San Francisco and more curated by The Ingleside Light's Editor Alex Mullaney.

San Francisco Airport on April 19, 1930. OpenSFHistory / wnp27.7657
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SFGATE: San Francisco Italian restaurant Villa D'Este says goodbye after 44 years on Ocean Avenue

San Francisco Standard: SF Muni Shooter Killed Knife-Wielding Attacker with 'Ghost Gun' He Bought To Defend Himself Against an 'Enemy,' Attorneys Say

San Francisco Examiner: Budget deal: Mayor gets police, supes get affordable housing

Mission Local: 'Like watching 7-year-olds playing soccer:' SF budget remains big — and silly

Mission Local: Activists seize City Hall elevators, demand SRO elevator repairs

AP: Anti-Black, gay, Asian bias fuel California hate crime surge

San Francisco Standard: Fourplex Bill Passes, But It Won't Create Much More Housing

San Francisco Standard: Despite Reforms, San Francisco Is Building Fewer Homes Now Than Before (“The thing I would like to focus on is the amount of opposition a project goes through before it gets entitled.” Khoshenvisan said. “That uncertainty is so huge that a lot of developers are going away from this town.”)

San Francisco Public Press: Court Says California Utilities Commission Must Obey State Public Records Act

San Francisco Examiner: Why London Breed may miss San Francisco’s latest scapegoat

NBC: A Fight Over Century-Old Toxic Legacy in San Francisco

Capital and Main: California's Plan to Close the Digital Divide Hits Industry Roadblocks

San Francisco Examiner: San Francisco faces a reckoning on stalled housing production

San Francisco Chronicle: Chesa Boudin won't rule out running for San Francisco District Attorney again

San Francisco Standard: Breed, Supes Preserve Police Funding, Boost Affordable Housing in Budget Deal

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