Apr 14, 2022 4 min read

Place of Distinction: Author Gives Talk On Ingleside Terraces

Local historian Richard Brandi gave a talk on the rise of Ingleside Terraces, one of the city's many garden neighborhoods.

Place of Distinction: Author Gives Talk On Ingleside Terraces
A women's sewing party at the Ingleside Terraces Sundial & Sundial Park circa 1915. Credit: OpenSFHistory / wnp4.1707
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Those elegant pillars and pergolas that create the distinguished entrances of Ingleside Terraces are there for a reason. Not just adornments, they — along with other architectural and landscaping touches — were actually part of a movement.

Local historian Richard Brandi spoke about these grand designs drawing from his book “The Garden Neighborhoods of San Francisco” before a gathering via Zoom at a lecture presentation hosted by the Ingleside Terraces Home Association on April 7.

Brandi highlighted during the 40-minute talk little-known facts about the neighborhood beset on the former Ingleside Racetrack and the western side of the city.

“There were at least 36 garden neighborhoods planned for the Westside and adjacent areas,” Brandi said. “It was part of a larger urban planning vision rooted in the 19th Century called the 'Garden City Movement.’ And, it really influenced a lot of development in various ways at the time.”

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