4 Must-Visit Mini Parks in the Greater Ingleside

These small parks are either filled with plants and play structures or offer sweeping scenic views.

A view of open space in the foreground with homes in the distance.
The view from the Lakeview & Ashton Mini Park, which locals call the Orizaba Rocky Outcrop. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Getting outdoors doesn't mean going to Golden Gate Park or Ocean Beach. There are mini parks around the neighborhood worth visiting.

Mini parks, the small greenery-filled areas, dot San Francisco. There are nearly 40 across the city with some harboring playgrounds and even climbing walls. And the Ocean View-Merced Heights-Ingleside neighborhood has four mini parks with two just outside its borders.

Smallness is a defining feature, making them ideal for intimate gatherings or even some alone time while taking in breath-taking views.

Here’s where to find them.

Open space in the foreground with hillsides full of homes in the background.
The view from the Lakeview & Ashton Mini Park. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Lakeview & Ashton Mini Park

Orizaba Avenue and Shields Street | Visit website

The steep hike up to this park just might be worth the view. Located at the top of Orizaba Avenue and Shields Street the summit of rocks and boulders encompasses a 360-degree view of part of San Francisco and Daly City. Sights like the El Rey Theatre, Sutro Tower, the San Bruno Mountains and more can be seen.

This park, also known as Orizaba Rocky Outcrop, is home to native wildflowers and plants including violets, poppies and straw-like tall grass. There are no benches but the nooks of the rocks can make a great seat to take in the views.

The play structure at the Randolph-Bright Mini Park. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Randolph-Bright Mini Park

Corner of Randolph and Bright streets | Website

The traditional looking park, equipped with one play structure, one bench and several stationary logs for sitting and walking across, sits on the intersection of Randolph and Bright streets. Its wood chip-filled recreation area is ideal for small gatherings.

Its fences are also decorated with wooden flowers and hearts which are painted with vibrant oranges, blues and more. The community-based project took place in Fall 2022 with help from Rebuilding Together San Francisco, a local branch of the national organization Rebuilding Together that works to preserve affordable housing and non-profit community facilities.

The basketball court and play structure at the Head-Brotherhood Mini Park. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Head-Brotherhood Mini Park

Brotherhood Way and Head Street | Visit website

From basketball to one slide and greenery, this park has it all. Located at the bottom of Head Street where it connects to Brotherhood Way, the medium-sized park has one children’s play structure, black rubber tiles, two benches and a full-sized basketball court.

The small, in comparison to its surroundings, park is bordered by long strips of grass and trees. It is an ideal spot for picnics or other outdoor activities.

Brotherhood-Chester Mini Park

Brotherhood Way and Junipero Serra Boulevard | Visit website

Located along the busy Brotherhood Way, this small green space provides ample shade due to its large trees and bushes. Though this spot is not much of a park, it is home to several native flowers and patches of grass for sitting.

Any park-goers should also be careful due to the park's placement near the highway 1 off ramp and close distance to the main road.

The play structure is the Lessing-Sears Mini Park. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Lessing-Sears Mini Park

End of Sears Street | Visit website

Visible from the top of Sears Street, off of Sickles Avenue, this gated mini park has a large children's play structure with two slides and one tube-shaped tunnel that is located in the center.

Aside from its soft rubber flooring inside it’s second gate, it has two large grass areas surrounding its first gate making it ideal for picnics or other outdoor activities.

More Nearby Mini Parks

The Cayuga and Lamartine Mini Park has ample seating. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Cayuga and Lamartine Mini Park

The short leisure walk lands you right in the center of seating and hanging out, literally. The zig-zag concrete path leads towards a circle pit of benches and shallow steps into a small dirt covered inner circle. Located just off of Cayuga, the sides of this mini park are also covered in tall patches of trees, bushes and a variety of flowers. Visit website

The Joost and Baden Mini Park is tucked away in abundant greenery. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Joost and Baden Mini Park

Ideal for relaxation, this mini park located in Sunnyside at Joost Avenue and Baden Street is a stairway of greenery engulfed by trees and native plants like impatiens sodenii and nasturtium. Along the way, there are benches and a small tile art wall. It is also known by the Glen Park community as the butterfly garden thanks to a group of seven neighbors that hatched and released butterflies just for this park.

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