SFMTA To Replace Parking Meters Along Ingleside's Ocean Avenue

New single-space parking meters will be installed on Ocean Avenue starting May 7.

A parking meter with a car parked behind it.
A new SFMTA parking meter with an improved interface. | Courtesy SFMTA

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's parking meter shop will replace the single-space parking meters on Ingleside's Ocean Avenue and then some starting Tuesday, May 7.

The new meters will be installed over the next three weeks on the 1000 block to the 2600 block of Ocean Avenue, the 500 block of Faxon Avenue, the unit blocks of Varela Avenue and Tapia Drive and the 1500 to 1700 blocks of Holloway Avenue.

"To be clear, we are not adding meters in new areas under this project," project spokesperson Pamela Johnson said. "The purpose of this project is simply to upgrade the meter hardware at existing metered spaces. "

The current parking meters have reached the end of their useful lives and because many rely on 3G technology, which wireless companies will soon phase out.

K Ingleside Red Transit-Only Lanes, Improvements Approved
The $34.2 million K Ingleside Rapid Project was approved Tuesday by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors.

The SFMTA Board of Directors approved the contract for new parking meters from MacKay Meters  in late Summer 2021. The new parking meters have larger and more legible screens, offer simplified Chinese, English and Spanish languge functionality, modern interface, vandalism resistance and longer battery life.

The SFMTA parking meter shop crews will ensure that newly installed meters are activated with the maximum time allowed already paid for on the day they are installed.

To avoid a ticket, people must pay using the single-space meter, the Pay By Phone website or the Pay By Phone app.

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