SFSU Student Teaches Soccer With Help From an App

Kayli Cokley's side hustle is coaching young soccer players with help from Instacoach.

Soccer coach
Kayli Cokley uses an app to offer soccer lessons in the neighborhood. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light
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Kayli Cokley's side hustle is changing the way young athletes get coached in the neighborhood.

San Francisco State University Women’s Soccer goalkeeper, who is majoring in business finance, uses Instacoach to bring a personalized and fun experience to coaching.

Instacoach, a marketplace for professional athletes to offer training services, strives to empower people to reach their athletic goals.

“One of my teammates, who was graduating that semester, was like, ‘If you’re interested, there’s a new foundation that started with NCAA that connects to the younger athletes” and I was like ‘Oh my God! That sounds amazing. I would love to be a part of that,’” Cokley said.

Cokley’s coaches seven to 15 years olds. She offers one hour long in-person private sessions for $35, 30-minute virtual one-on-one sessions for $30 and group sessions for $25 per player. Skills that she will practice with clients are footwork, handling, technical work, field awareness and accuracy.

“I’m a super hard working person and I feel like I’m always motivated,” Cokley said. “I’ve been told this before that I carry an energy around me that's always happy. If you want a happy coach, that’s me. That’s your girl."

Soccer player
Kayli Cokley demonstrates her soccer prowess. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Cokley, who is from the Sacramento area and a soon-to-be Ingleside resident, has been playing soccer competitively for 15 years. She has also tried other sports like softball and basketball but soccer has remained a constant in her life.

She has played in positions like midfielder, forward and goalkeeper. She has also gone on to win two tournaments and has been ranked at the national level.

When it comes to her coaching style, Cokley draws inspiration from her previous coaches including a coach she had when she was eight or nine years old.

“She incorporated these quotes that stuck with me to this day of keeping me mentally strong in the game, keeping me motivated with my passions,” Cokley said. “She would always tell us you get out of it what you put into it.”

Cokley wants to ensure her clients are having fun.

“At a young age you’re new to the sport and you’re trying to have fun,” she said. “You’re not there to be competitive.”

Though being a soccer coach or trainer isn’t her primary goal, she would love to have her own team one day.

“It’s more like one of my passions because I love the sport and I love teaching others about it,” Cokley said.

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