Viral Video Shows ‘Calmest Robbery Ever’ of Walgreens in Ingleside

A video showing thieves ransacking Ingleside's Walgreens went viral in early March.

Walgreens interior
Three thieves brazenly stole cosmetics from Ingleside’s Walgreens in late February.
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A video showing thieves brazenly taking cosmetics from Ingleside’s Walgreens went viral this week.

The cellphone-shot footage, posted on March 2 to WorldStarHiphop, a website known for aggregating a variety of entertaining and alarming videos, accumulated over 200,000 views and 1,400 comments as of March 4. The video is titled “The Calmest Robbery Ever!? Folks Peacefully Stealing Hella Cosmetics From Walgreen’s In CA! ‘Call The Police'”.

The 25-second footage shows three people wearing hoodies and medical face masks robbing the Walgreens on the 1600 block of Ocean Avenue. A Walgreens employee is shown telling the perpetrators to stop pulling cosmetics off the shelves and into black garbage bags.

While no date is posted, the video dates back to late February.

“It was bad for the store and the neighborhood,” UPS Store employee Fabian Crawford told The Light. “It was like they were going through their own kitchen cabinets.”

Walgreens is the only major corporate store in the neighborhood that does not have some sort of security detail. The nearby Whole Foods Market and Target both have loss prevention and/or security guards.

Taraval Police Station officers are investigating the incident.

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