Frida Kahlo Way Traffic Safety Upgrade Planning Underway

The Frida Kahlo Way Quick-Build Project will upgrade crosswalks, install a two-way protected bikeway and more.

Street pole
Friday Kahlo Way and part of Judson Avenue will be getting so-called quick-build improvements. | File Photo/Ingleside Light

In preparation for more residents and City College of San Francisco’s western expansion, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is developing pedestrian and bike improvements on Frida Kahlo Way and nearby Judson Avenue.

The Frida Kahlo Way Quick-Build Project will upgrade crosswalks, add a two-way protected bikeway and develop improvements to transit reliability and access for the 43 Masonic bus that operates on the corridor, according to the SFMTA.

Already busy with Archbishop Riordan High School and the college, Frida Kahlo Way will have more use once the 1,100 residential units as part of redevelopment of the Balboa Reservoir come online. Additionally, City College plans to expand its facilities, including a new center for science, technology, engineering, arts and math along with a performing arts center. Future students would need to cross the street to the new building from the main campus.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority funded a package of the quick-to-do safety projects in December 2021, with $266,000 going to Frida Kahlo Way.

The SFMTA said the project seeks to improve transportation connections between the Ingleside and Sunnyside neighborhoods.

A map of the project area. | Courtesy SFMTA

Improvements to the roadway are part of a list of SFMTA Vision Zero Quick-Build Projects that seek to quickly address pedestrian and bike safety on the city’s high injury network of streets known to be the most dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. Ocean Avenue to the east of Frida Kahlo Way has long been listed as part of the network. Ocean Avenue west of Frida Kahlo was recently added to the list.


Project proposals include adding a two-way protected bikeway east side of Frida Kahlo Way and south side of Judson Avenue. Parking would be removed on the east side of the street, but there would be no changes to the number of travel lanes.

Public Transit

Bus boarding islands are being considered for the 43 Mason so that passengers can easily board the bus and improve the reliability of service.

Curb Changes

SFMTA is also looking at possible curb changes to better manage the curb spaces for all roadway users. The transportation agency will be looking at making the best use of spaces such as loading zones, bike share stations and parking spaces. No concrete details have yet been shared by the SFMTA.


A timeline by the SFMTA shows that the agency will be doing public outreach and completing a conceptual design of the quick-build project through the summer and project approval by the SFMTA board is also scheduled sometime in the summer. The SFMTA anticipates implementing the project in the fall.

The public can reach out to the project team at

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