Ingleside’s Huge New Mural Is Done. Here's What To Know

Now that the scaffolding is down and the mural is ready to be christened, here’s what to know about it and its contents.

A mural with various urban elements.
Neil Ballard's mural features the iconic landmarks of Ingleside. | Ingleside Light file photo

The scaffolding has come down from Ingleside’s huge new mural.

Local artist Neil Ballard, with assistance from fellow artist Nathaniel Bice, completed an enormous mural on the side of the neighborhood’s Walgreens. And an unveiling ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, March, 16 at 1:30 p.m.

“This was accomplished due to the desire on [store manager Michael] Rong’s part to solve a problem and at the same time, beautify the community,” said Jen Cotto, a spokesperson for Walgreens.

The project, which Ballard named "Ingleside Landmarks," was paid through the Civic Joy Fund, a nonprofit spending $2 million to put some magic back into San Francisco’s commercial corridors following the slow recovery from the pandemic. As part of the fund’s Adopt-A-Block project, $100,000 is being poured into improving one block of Ocean Avenue. Three other blocks in the city also get $100,000 each.

Ingleside’s adopted block is Ocean Avenue between Jules and Miramar avenues. The mural cost $25,000, according to Caleb Hilladakis, the fund’s special projects assistant.

“Growing up off Ocean, I had been familiar with Neil's work for a handful of years,” Hilladakis said. “I was excited by the chance to work with him and have been blown away by how he captured the beauty of our neighborhood.”

The fund is working with the Ocean Avenue Association, a nonprofit tasked with cleaning and beautifying Ingleside’s stretch of Ocean Avenue. Hilladakis said they’ve given the association $16,000 so far. Ten thousand dollars went to installing string lights and $6,000 went to landscaping.

The mural depicts some of Ingleside’s historic landmarks. Here’s the rundown:

El Rey Theatre: The Timothy Pflueger-designed Art Deco movie palace.

Ingleside Terraces Sundial: At one time, it was the city’s largest sundial. Fun fact: It was dedicated at night.

St. Emydius Catholic Church: St. Emydius is the patron saint of earthquake survivors.

City College of San Francisco’s Science Hall: A Timothy Pflueger masterwork outfitted with fine Public Works Administration art. Take a tour!

K Ingleside Streetcar: The K Line was built for the opening of the Ingleside Racetrack in 1895.

Beep’s Burgers' neon sign: The iconic burger stand opened in 1962 during the burgeoning space race.

Palms and Monterey Cyprus: The neighborhood’s signature flora are featured prominently. (FYI: Palms are technically trees.)

Ocean Avenue street lights: They strike a sharp figure.

Hills: Well, this is San Francisco, aint it?

Update: The story has been updated to include the mural's name.

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