Korean Martial Arts Center Teaches Lifelong Lessons

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In this week’s newsletter, we highlight Korean Martial Arts Center, and then:

  • 2022 District Seven Participatory Budgeting winners
  • A brief history of the Excelsior and Outer Mission

editor Anne Marie Kristoff

Korean Martial Arts Center Teaches Lifelong Lessons

Grunts and smacks against protective padding sounds throughout the Korean Martial Arts Center. Grand Master Merrill Jung, the studio’s founder, paces the padded floor while attentively observing that his students are using proper form.

What was once just extracurricular work to give back to the community blossomed into a staple in Ingleside where hundreds of children, youth and adults learn martial arts and the benefits of discipline and focus.

A Brief History Of The Excelsior And Outer Mission Districts

A look back at this history of the neighborhoods through the life and times of the late Valente Marini Perata Mortuary.

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2022 District 7 Participatory Budgeting Winners Announced

Nine projects won enough votes from district residents to be awarded $50,000 each.

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The umbrella organization for dozens of groups unifies their voices to enrich the neighborhood.
$2.5 Million In ‘Add-Backs’ Secured By District Supervisors
Services and projects ranging from community ambassadors to neighborhood greening were funded in the city’s latest two-year budget.

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