Mission Terrace Launches ‘Costumes & Crows Halloween Challenge’

INGLESIDE, San Francisco — Because of the pandemic Mission Terrace residents couldn’t do the usual street closures for their Halloween party. Afraid of losing good fright and fun, the creative ghouls at the neighborhood parents group, New Mission Terrace Improvement Association, San Jose Avenue merchants scared up the idea of a Costumes & Crows Halloween Challenge.

“How can we rescue Halloween from the specter of Covid-19?” NMTIA leaders Lisa Dunseth and David Hooper told The Ingleside Light. “That was the question.” 

The answer: a coronavirus-safe event in which everyone who signs up and makes a scarecrow will receive a gift certificate to the new Balboa Ice Cream parlor courtesy of NMTIA. Winners of the best scarecrow will be awarded prizes to other neighborhood shops.

Costumes & Crows Halloween Challenge Details

Step 1:  Sign up here by Oct. 21.

Step 2: Create your scarecrow and place it in your front yard by the end of day on Saturday, Oct. 24. Every participating household gets a coupon redeemable for a free ice cream cone from Balboa Ice Cream.

Step 3: Vote for your favorite scarecrow by Oct 29. 

Step 4: On Halloween night dress up and visit the scarecrows and post pictures of your kids in costume with scarecrows on the NMTIA Facebook page with #costumesandcrows.