New Full-Size Stage Makes Ocean Ale House A Full-Blown Music Venue

The bar and grill finished a major step in its renovation journey by expanding into the next door storefront.

People seated around a stage as a man plays guitar.
Ocean Ale House is outfitted with a new stage since it expanded its dining room into the storefront next door. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Major progress has been made in turning one of Ingleside’s most popular restaurants into a bonafide entertainment venue.

In July of last year, Ocean Ale House began renovations in what owners Miles Escobeo and Daniel Silberman described as part of a 25-year plan for the business.

Just a few weeks ago, a temporary wall came down allowing the dining room to merge with the next-door storefront, creating significantly more floorspace and making it more suitable for live music and events.

Two weeks ago, a new full-size stage was built. And it's been already been a draw for musicians and customers alike.

And there's more to come.

“It definitely feels great to expand,” Escobedo said. “It's just tough because it's not done yet and we need a little bit more time until we're within our actual final phase.”

While the final touches include a patio and a parklet, customers can enjoy more interior seating and a second ADA-compliant bathroom. (Both bathrooms have themes: Star Trek and mermaids.)

People around a bar.
Patrons sit around Ocean Ale House's bar. Soon customers will also be able to use a patio in the backyard. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

“It’s perpetually packed here, now it kind of feels like you have space,” said Payton Marshall, who has been a regular for four years. “This place is amazing so it’s always amazing to see them doing so well.”

Ocean Ale House has already seen an increase in foot traffic since their initial changes and hopes to continue the momentum with additional increases of service, music and arts especially for summer.

“Not only does the restaurant feel better but it sounds better too,” server Ryan Woodworth said. “We got to really utilize the new space the expansion has granted us and it felt really good to see so many people in here enjoying themselves.”

Escobedo estimated it will take a few more months until the entire project is wrapped.

“We just want everybody to know that we're going to be here forever,” Escobedo said. “This is it. We're just trying to make it a place for everyone and we're getting closer and closer to being a venue and there will be more changes and there will be other big moves.”

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