Coronavirus: Ingleside Community Meetings Postponed and Canceled, Schools Closed or Operating Remotely

The OMI Family Center has numerous signs instructing clients about the coronavirus and community health.

INGLESIDE, San Francisco — COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus, is impacting Ingleside in a number of ways as city and state government responds to the spread of the flu-like disease.

The San Francisco Public Library announced Tuesday that it has canceled all of its programs at its 28 branch libraries — like Ingleside and Ocean View libraries — for the entirety of March. (For more information, visit

The Ocean Avenue Association, the nonprofit organization that manages the Ocean Avenue community benefit district, canceled all of its March meetings.

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development is postponing its March 14 District 11 budget townhall. (The companion District 7 meeting is set for Wednesday, April 29, but the location has not been announced.)

The Monday, March 9, meeting of the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee, which had on its agenda a discussion of the proposed 1,100-unit development’s design standards and guidelines, was canceled.

Riordan High School is closed until March 22, ending the Crusaders basketball team’s quest for a championship title, and San Francisco State University has moved all courses to remote instruction through April 5.

Late Monday evening, City College of San Francisco suspended its face-to-face courses and moved up spring break to the week of March 23.

“Classes are scheduled to resume on Monday, March 30th, via modified and online learning formats,” according to a memo from Chancellor Mark Rocha. “Classes will remain in these formats until the end of the semester and commencement on May 21, 2020; or until the current state of emergency is officially lifted by the Board of Trustees.”

Ocean Ale House co-owner and chair of the Ingleside Merchants Association Miles Escobedo said the coronavirus has not impacted his business.

“I just don’t want people to panic,” Escobedo said. “That doesn’t help anything.”

For more information about COVID-19, visit the Center for Disease Control’s fact sheet at

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