Holloway Avenue Green Infrastructure Outfitted with New Informational Signs

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Creeks, critters and conservation are signs of the times on Holloway Avenue.

Informational signs explaining the purpose of the rain gardens and permeable pavement on the stretch of Holloway Avenue between Ashton and Lee avenues were installed earlier this year by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The Holloway Green Street project, completed in July 2017, is part of the SFPUC’s multi-billion dollar Sewer System Improvement Program. The enterprise agency installed a permeable paved parking lane and bulbouts with rain gardens designed to calm traffic while allowing rain water to replenish the Laker Merced watershed.

“The signs offer detailed diagrams and brief explanations of how green infrastructure features will function at each project site, a history of the watershed that the project is located in, and the role of these projects in the SFPUC’s larger system,” SFPUC spokesperson Will Reisman told the Ingleside Light. “They were designed to educate neighbors about the natural history of the watershed they live and work in, and to provide details on the function and benefits of the green infrastructure features installed.”

The four-sided signs present information about the history of the Lake Merced watershed cost $5,200 each.

The green street is a segment of the San Francisco Planning Department’s Green Connections plan, which is designed to better connect City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University.