March Rewind: New Public Art, Red Lanes Approved

Stories and more from March 2024.

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Good Morning. It's Saturday, March 30.
Here are all of our stories from the month of March and more.

MavyBeauty Now Open On Ocean Avenue In Ingleside
Owner Mavis Wen offers lash extensions and permanent jewelry in her new storefront on Ingleside’s stretch of Ocean Avenue.
K Ingleside Red Transit-Only Lanes, Improvements Approved
The $34.2 million K Ingleside Rapid Project was approved Tuesday by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors.
Ocean Avenue Banner Project Features Local Artists
Local artists Shrey Purohit, Allison Smith and Ciccio Boles were tasked with creating works of art to add vibrancy to Ocean Avenue.
San Francisco Lawmakers Want To Support Community Media
San Francisco lawmakers agreed that the city agencies should make better use of independent community media for outreach.
Ingleside Gets Its Own Postcard-Style Mural
In his latest mural, artist Rhonel Roberts depicts his cherished memory of the neighborhood in the classic vintage postcard style.
Bay Wheels Bike Rental Stations Proposed for Ingleside
The Lyft-owned bike rental company wants to install several stations in and around Ingleside.

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