The Ingleside Light’s 10 Most Popular Stories of 2022

From new small businesses to a couple’s quest for front yard culture, here are the most-read stories of the year.

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As we did last year, The Ingleside Light has put together a collection of the year’s most popular stories.

We used a simple criteria: what captured reader attention the most. And the themes are clear: Small business, housing, policing, history and a couple’s quest.

Here’s what you read.

Mihal Emberton and Raelyn Ruppel in their front yard. | Anne Marie Kristoff/Ingleside Light

Ingleside Couple Aims To Make Front Yards More Neighborly

The couple spent years transforming their front yard to encourage more interactions with neighbors. (Aug. 24)

Fruit Barn Reopens Under New Ownership With Flower Shop

Ingleside’s tried and true neighborhood grocer is open after a five-year hiatus with the addition of a new flower shop. (June 9)

Taiwanese, Hong Kong-style Boba Tea Spot Sweet Cupz Opens

Veteran restaurateurs Barry Yeung and Ray Fong opened a new boba tea shop in Ingleside. (June 23)

Small business owner
Sal Albowyha in front of his corner store's new mural. | Alex Mullaney/Ingleside Light

New Corner Store The M Stop Serves Community With Muni Theme

The M Stop Market and Deli serves barbecue sandwiches with 1970s Muni vibes. (April 27)

Meeting Held For Proposed Ocean Avenue Cannabis Retailer

The business partners behind a proposed Ocean Avenue cannabis retailer held a community meeting to share information and collect feedback. (Aug. 31)

Updated Project Proposal Released for Ingleside’s Historic Movie Palace

Housing, full restoration of the theater and a pool are included in the updated proposal for the former El Rey movie palace. (July 9)

Rocky Meeting Held For 8-Story Oceanviews Development

From notifying neighbors to state orders about contamination, the first meeting for the Oceanviews housing project was a swirl of issues. (May 12)

Public meeting
Participants at the September 2022 Balboa Reservoir open house. | David Horowitz/Ingleside Light

Street Names, Townhomes Unveiled At Balboa Reservoir Meeting

The development team shared new diagrams for the 17-acre project — and held a vote on street names. (Sept. 13)

No Easy Solution For San Francisco's Police Officer Shortage

Officers are leaving SFPD at high rates while the number of qualified recruits is in decline. Can the city get its police staffing in check? (March 10)

A Brief History Of The Excelsior And Outer Mission Districts

A look back at this history of the neighborhoods through the life and times of the late Valente Marini Perata Mortuary. (Aug. 2)

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