June Rewind: Questions For Candidates, H Mart Real Estate

Stories from June 2024 and more.

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Good morning! It's Saturday, June 29. Here are all of our stories from June and more.

Election 2024: Tell us what you want to ask the candidates for mayor and District 7 and 11 supervisor in our questionnaire. Submit questions here.

Scheduling Note: We're off next week for Independence Day.

District 7 Supervisor Candidates Face-Off In First Forum
Supervisor Myrna Melgar, small business owner Matthew Boschetto and firefighter Stephen Martin-Pinto presented their positions.
8 Ways You Can Help The Ingleside Light
We want to keep doing this work and to grow so we can tell more stories. Here’s how you can help.
San Francisco Mayor, Supervisor Races: Questions Needed
The Ingleside Light is compiling a questionnaire for the mayor and District 7 and 11 supervisor candidates. Let us know what questions you have.
H Mart Buys Oceanview Village Shopping Center
The super popular Korean American supermarket purchased its building and then some on May 1, 2024.
New Elegant Spa Opens On Ingleside’s Ocean Avenue
Nu Le opened the spa after working as a nail tech for 20 years.
The Plant Lady SF Has Window Busted By Flying Car Tire
The Plant Lady SF will reopen on June 14 after shattered glass that fell throughout the store is repaired and cleaned up.

ICYMI: Stories From May

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