May Rewind: Former Target Filled, Bikeway Work Begins

Stories from May 2024 and more.

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Good morning! It's Saturday, June 1.
Here are all of our stories from May and more.

Ingleside’s Utility Boxes Are Getting Makeovers This Year
The neighborhood’s utility cabinets are getting revamped with help from city funds and young artists.
Jose Morales Talks His District 11 Supervisor Campaign
Jose Morales, who was born and raised in the neighborhood, wants to focus on government oversight if elected in November.
Frida Kahlo Way Project Construction Begins
A controversial project to add a bikeway beside City College of San Francisco began construction this week.
Michael Lai Talks About His District 11 Supervisor Campaign
Michael Lai, a childcare entrepreneur, talks about his vision for District 11 if elected to the Board of Supervisors in November.
City College of San Francisco Taps New Interim Chancellor
The college’s board of trustees is expected to confirm the selection of Mitchell Bailey for the top job at their May 30 meeting.
Brotherhood Way Traffic Safety Plan Drawings Held Up
The project team is still refining its methodology to ensure proposals are free of “fatal flaws,” a spokesperson said.

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