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A membership to The Ingleside Light helps power independent journalism and the real-world change it creates.

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The Ingleside Light is the only independent for-profit, digital neighborhood news publisher in San Francisco, and we have a singular mission: to produce the nonpartisan journalism that our community needs and deserves.

The news we publish is really public service, funded mostly by a few hundred individuals just like you. Because you read The Ingleside Light, I know you care about the affairs of our community, and I hope you will join us as a member today.

Join us today with a membership to The Ingleside Light, and you’ll be aligned with hundreds of members who help power our journalism and the real-world change it creates. Becoming a member takes only a few minutes, and you’ll know that you’re helping make a better informed and connected neighborhood for all people.

I ask you to join them by becoming a member to support our independent community news that shines a light on the public affairs of our neighborhood. Every article is published with the intent that each will help our readers be better informed so they can make the best decisions possible.

We shine that light with purpose. Our mission is to use the force of the neighborhood press to cause meaningful impact. We have a ways to go before we're a robust newsroom but here's what we've done just this year with our limited resources:

All of these reports are from the first three months of this year, and each belies the commitment we have to the people of the greater Ingleside neighborhood. We're only able to sustain it because of the generosity and confidence of our readers.

Join over 300 members today. Help ensure that The Ingleside Light has the resources to produce more stories and follow the most important issues wherever they lead and for however long it takes.

With gratitude,
Alex Mullaney
Proud Ingleside news publisher

P.S. Please help us spread the word! Do you have friends and colleagues who share your commitment to supporting independent journalism like ours? Please tell them about us.

For other payment options or to discuss other means of support, contact publisher@inglesidelight.com.

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